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3 Great Reasons to Use PayPal Invoicing

Being a self-employed solopreneur, I needed a way to get paid by clients that didn’t involve sharing my personal banking information. Although there are a few options available, including Google Wallet and Stripe, I was already familiar with PayPal in my personal life, and decided to use PayPal for business. There are many different electronic invoicing options to choose from.   However, I prefer to use PayPal Invoicing for 3 main reasons:

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Minimal fees.

  • Clients do not need a PayPal account to pay an invoice.

Quick & Easy
Having the option to not just let a client know how much to pay, but deliver that information in a clean and easy to read invoice has been stupendous. The invoices are so easy to create and send, I can literally fill out the information and send an invoice in about a minute. Having the ability to create up to 50 templates, use premade templates, customize the templates, client information saved in an “address book”, among other features, gives me the ability to send a professional looking invoice with ease.
Minimal Fees
It’s nearly impossible to avoid paying any fees whatsoever while using an online payment system.   Fees associated with accepting payment via credit or debit card is just par for the course. It’s definitely a trade-off for not accepting checks via snail mail or giving a client your personal banking information in order for them to do a bank transfer.
As a solopreneur, I have worked with clients through freelance sites. While those sites are responsible for billing and processing payments from clients, the fees charged for those projects far exceed that of the fees incurred whilst accepting payments through PayPal. For example, a very popular freelance site charges 10% for every project paid for (i.e. if paid $100 from a client, the freelance site keeps $10.) The normal free from PayPal (U.S. payment) is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. International payments do have slightly higher fees. For more information on fees, please check out PayPal’s website [here].
Account Not Required
Even though I like PayPal, my clients may not be. For one reason or another, they choose not to have a PayPal account at all. No problem! While they do have the option to pay the invoice using a PayPal account, they also have the option to simply pay using a debit or credit card.
Certainly when looking for an invoicing system, you’ll need to research the options in order to find the system that works best for you and your company. Not everyone will find PayPal the best option, but it definitely is a contender with its quick and easy templates, minimal fees, and the ability for clients to pay an invoice without having a PayPal account.
For more information about PayPal invoicing and all its features and transaction fees, please visit their website.
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