Caption File Transcript YouTube

Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos with Transcripts

Boost SEO and provide a greater customer experience – Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos with Transcripts!!

There are many reasons to add closed captions to your YouTube videos.  You may be looking to capture those all important keywords, especially those that are uncommon words or words with unique spellings.  This is important for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, as audio or speech is not used for web search purposes.  Maybe a large portion of your audience is hard of hearing or deaf.  Providing the words to your videos is crucial to inform and engage that segment of your audience.  Another reason to add closed captions is that perhaps the language you are speaking is not the first language for your audience.  Being able to read the words being said allows them the opportunity to better comprehend what has been said, especially if the speaker has a heavy accent or speaks at a fast pace.

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PayPal Invoicing

3 Great Reasons to Use PayPal Invoicing

Being a self-employed solopreneur, I needed a way to get paid by clients that didn’t involve sharing my personal banking information. Although there are a few options available, including Google Wallet and Stripe, I was already familiar with PayPal in my personal life, and decided to use PayPal for business. There are many different electronic invoicing options to choose from.   However, I prefer to use PayPal Invoicing for 3 main reasons:

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Movie Maker Windows Essentials 2012

Movie Maker Windows Essentials 2012 – New Features Review

Edit and Create Amazing, Professional Looking Videos With Windows Movie Maker!

With live video streaming, vlogging, YouTube, webinars, etc. all on the rise, having some type of video editing software is an important tool to have in your toolbox. I personally use Windows Movie Maker and find it very intuitive and packed with many great features. The program came free with my Windows computer, which is a no-cost alternative to some of the more feature-rich, costly video editing software programs available on the market today.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Workspace

3 Ways to Improve Your Workspace Without a Large Budget

An ideal workspace is not only well organized, but also functional and has a splash of personality.   Of course a great workspace is conducive to high performance work output, but having a touch of personality is also important, as it promotes a positive attitude and creative thinking.   Creating a workspace from scratch with all new items can be very costly, and not always feasible. Here are three ways to achieving a great workspace without a big budget: repurpose, borrow, and purchase.

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Google Hangout On Air

Google Hangouts On Air to Create Screen Share Demo Videos

Screen Cast / Screen Share is an Excellent Teaching Technique.

Technology is always changing, and there’s always something new to learn… and share. Oftentimes I have to search the Internet to learn how to use or do something, or I end up just spending large periods of time figuring out the process on my own. It makes sense to share those learnings with others.

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Katch Periscope

Katch for Periscope & Meerkat Video Archive Cloud Service

Klyde is such a good dog!  He can “katch” your public Periscope and Meerkat videos and archive them in the cloud for you!

Katch is a cloud-based service that allows you to archive your Live Video Feeds from Periscope and Meerkat by collecting them in one place.  They started out with Meerkat, and quickly move to include Periscope into the fold.  You can check out the website at

NOTICE:  As of May 4, 2016, will be CLOSING and will no longer “katch” videos from Periscope and Meerkat.  Be sure to download any of your videos from before the final deadline of May 2, 2016.

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Periscope audience

Engage Periscope Web Trolls to Create a Treasured Audience

Troll: A being that is living in isolation and rarely described as helpful or friendly.

With the advent of live video streaming, you may be creating Periscopes or actively engaged in Periscope videos as an audience member through the Periscope app. In either role, you may have become aware of so-called Periscope Web “trolls”: People viewing the videos through the Web via a desktop, seemingly unengaged. Unfortunately, this negative connotation may be leading “scopers” to neglect an important segment of their audience.

Let’s get those Periscope Web trolls engaged to create a treasured audience!

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periscope android

Troubleshoot Android Version Error Downloading Periscope


UGH!  Getting error messages can be so incredibly frustrating.  And sometimes trying to troubleshoot and resolve the issue can be an even bigger frustration!  In this video, I go through step-by-step how you can resolve the error message issue when it comes to downloading Periscope and making sure you have the correct version of your Android operating system installed.

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Word Image Compression

Compress Image in Word to Create a Smaller File Size

Adding a logo, picture, or graphic to your Word business documents is a great way to enhance your correspondence for a more polished, professional look. The downside to these high quality images is that they are large file sizes. When added to the Word document, the document then becomes exceptionally large.

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