We all love to get them, right?  They are very appreciated, but not always helpful to potential clients without the “why” behind them.  Here are a few compliments that I am grateful to have received and hope that you find useful.

Michael Krigsman CXOTalk“Tina Pham transcribes all of our episodes and videos.” [Starting with Episode #256 of CXOTalk.] “She does a great job, highly accurate, and fast turnaround. Really, she is the perfect transcriber and truly a part of the team at CXOTalk. Thank you, Tina!”

— Michael Krigsman (June 2018)

Michael Krigsman is an industry analyst and the host of CXOTalk. CXOTalk brings together the most innovative people in the world for in-depth discussions about disruption and the impact of technology on business and society.

beyond tellerrand“I’m glad and happy that I found Tina’s contact details. Her work is amazing. Not only is she fast like hell, but also the quality of her transcriptions is great. Many speakers of beyond tellerrand complimented on her text being very accurate also in all the technical aspects, which is important if you run an event about design and development. Such a pleasure working with Tina!”

— Marc Thiele (December 2016)

beyond tellerrand is an affordable web design and development event taking place in Dusseldorf and Berlin.  btconf is an event for Web enthusiasts.

“I’ve been working with Tina for a couple of years and have used her quite a bit recently for a new project. She is amazingly thorough, fast, professional, and she sets very clear expectations – and is very good about keeping in contact and updating progress. I seriously couldn’t be happier to have landed her as an extension of our team. I really hate doing this testimonial as I know that means she may not be as available once more people find out how GREAT she is.”

— Ryan Koral (June 2016)


Studio SherpasStudio Sherpas is a community for creative professionals and video producers that need help building a solid business. If you need solid ideas, resources, encouragement and energy to help take your business from base camp to the mountaintop, Studio Sherpas can guide the way.

Matt Davis and Ryan Koral

Harvest Filmworks – Cultivating Stories for Businesses + Brands

Life Stage Films – Fall in love again and again… with your wedding film

tell– stories for brands and beyond

Epic Motion – Wedding Cinema and Lifestyle Films – Your story. Beautifully told.

jeanne_tiscareno_icon“I provide marketing writing services to companies in technology and healthcare and have had Tina transcribe complicated interviews with multiple people talking. She provides A+ service. I particularly appreciate how sometimes she will work overtime to get the transcription back to me. She is by far the best transcription service I’ve used. Don’t hesitate to use her.”

— Jeanne Tiscareno (September 2015)


Meredith web icon“I have hired Tina to transcribe for all kinds of projects including political ads, documentary films, and corporate videos. What I love about working with Tina is that she responds quickly, is 100% reliable with her turnaround times, and her pricing is very competitive. She works with precision and always makes me aware of any issues with spelling or if there are synch issues with footage. She also has helped me out of a bind with last minute requests on more than one occasion! I would recommend Tina to anyone in need of transcription services of any kind.”

— Meredith Gonnason, Producer, Philadelphia (August 2015)

Simple Daily Practice icon“Tina is awesome.  Her transcripts are incredibly accurate, and she always takes the time to find the correct spelling for even the most obscure words.  She is fast, efficient and totally responsive.
“She’s also great at giving me feedback about glitches in my podcast that I missed during my initial edit.  I know I can rely on her to tell me any places the audio needs to be cleaned up.  Since I do my own editing, that additional feedback is priceless.
“And I love having the transcripts for my podcast. I use them to write up my show notes.  It’s so easy for me to write up a great summary from the transcript and make sure I’ve pulled out all the additional resources we talked about in the interview.  I also use the transcripts to write social media updates – I love having direct quotes from my guests to share.”

— Peggy Freeh (March 2015)

Highlights Media icon

“I trust Pham Transcription Services with these projects from across the spectrum; from governmental to medical and business to non-profit organizations. The information, until it is made public, is critical to have in the hands of someone who will provide not only accurate transcriptions, but also these services in a very discreet manor. Tina is prompt, communicates clearly and is someone I recommend for your business or organization as well.”

Chad Johnstone (March 2015)
(920) 988-6958

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“We decided early on that we wanted transcriptions for our podcast so that each episode is better indexed by Google, but also because some people prefer to read than listen. Pham Transcription Services does an excellent job. Very thorough, high quality transcriptions that are a pleasure to read. We usually get our transcription within 24 hours of our recording, which is very impressive. They are excellent communicators and we depend on them a lot. I’ve already recommended them to several other podcasters who are now clients.”

— Brad Touesnard (March 2015)


ShopTalk Show icon

 “Tina does a great job with the transcriptions for ShopTalk.  We love having them done when we can because it means that episode is more accessible to more people.  And not only that, it’s easier to search through and is all the more good content for the ol’ Google bot to find.”

— Chris Coyier (March 2015)