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FTR The Record Player – A Complete Walk Through

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FTR Player

Although For The Record has products geared towards the legal industry, included in the many great software programs available on its site is FTR The Record Player, which is completely free to download.  This player is a handy player that offers many great features.  It is also sometimes referred to as The Record Player or FTR Player.

While this player does not support video files, it does play a number of different audio files including:

  • .mp3

  • .trm

  • .wav

  • .wma

  • .avi

The audio loaded into the player is not compressed.  Therefore, the audio quality is not degraded.  However, please be sure to take note of at what point you have stopped within the audio file because, once closed out of the program, you will need to reload the audio file, therefore, starting back at the beginning.

Just as with many other players, you are able to adjust the sound level for each individual channel.  What’s different about FTR is that it is able to support up to eight different audio channels.

As with most transcription players, audio can be controlled via a foot pedal or keyboard hot keys.

Because this player was designed to work with other software geared towards the legal industry, the time displayed is not a running time, but rather, clock time and date, which refers to either the date and time of a hearing or proceeding, or the date and time that the audio file was downloaded.  This does mean that automatic time codes/stamps is not an option/feature with this player.

There are many great features provided with the FTR Player.  Please watch the video for a complete walk through.

BONUS TIP: If you have a video file you need to transcribe, but don’t need to see what’s being displayed in the video, try converting the video file to an audio file format that is compatible with the FTR Player in order to complete the transcription.

If you have other features about this player that you like, but were not discussed here, please feel free to share those in the comments (as well as any negatives).

Thank you for being part of another Quick Tip Tuesday.

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