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How to Locate Your Android Device

How to Locate, Ring, Lock, & Erase Your Android Device – All from a Desktop

Well, crap. You can’t find your phone. Normally you would just use someone else’s phone or maybe the home phone, a landline, to call it – hoping it would ring so that you could find it.  BUT, those options aren’t available. Well, if you’ve heard of “Find My Phone” through Google, you can use your gmail account that’s associated with the phone to locate it on a map, ring it, lock it, or even go so far as to erase the device completely.

This video shows you step-by-step instructions on TWO ways in which you can use your gmail account associated with the device to access these features and locate your android device / cell phone.  You must be signed into the associated gmail account on a desktop device.  Now, in theory, this would work on mobile device using “Desktop View.”  HOWEVER, I have yet to test if this would work or not.

I HIGHLY suggest that you try out these tips for yourself and make sure the features are working.  While the map is not EXACT, it does give a very close proximity to where your phone was last located.  Please note that you will not be able to locate or ring the device if it is turned off.  However, once the phone is turned back on, the map will then work and the phone will immediately start to ring.  The phone will continuously ring for five minutes unless “disabled” on the phone itself.  It will also ring even if the phone is on “silent,” but the notifications ringer must be enabled.

For more information on how these options work, please visit the Google Support page [HERE].


  • Third Party Applications.  Yes, there are other alternatives available such as third party apps that can be downloaded onto your device.  You can find those by searching in the Google App Store.

  • External GPS tracking devices.  There are small GPS tracking devices that can be linked to your cell phone.  One that I particularly found interesting was called Trackr.  It’s actually meant to track your keys, but it works “backwards” as well, being able to ping your phone from the Trackr.

I truly hope you never lose your device, but I do believe it’s probably a good idea to be prepared just in case.  I hope you found this video useful.  Thanks for being a part of another Quick Tip Tuesday.

–Tina Pham

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