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Stand Out From the Crowd Using a Video Introduction

“People like to work with people they know, like, and trust.” You’ve probably heard or read this phrase several times. It truly does make sense. Nobody wants to work with someone they don’t like or trust.

How can a potential client or employer get to know you before that first interaction or contact? Simple! Create a video introduction and include it on social media platforms such as freelance sites, Facebook business page, YouTube, your website, and LinkedIn.

Creating a video introduction allows you to stand out from the crowd and gives a potential client or employer the opportunity to get to know you in a way that a résumé or other written profile just falls short. Your personality is a big part of who you are, and this is a great opportunity to let that shine! Think of it like the elevator pitch, without having to get in the elevator.
You can be as creative as you would like with your video introduction, but I encourage you to include these three components.
1. Who you are.
2. What your offer or intention is.
3. Where or how you can be reached/contacted.
First of all, you want to introduce yourself. Be sure to include what makes you uniquely positioned for this type of work. Also, include any type of education and certifications you have that are related. Be careful not to get too personal. Stay clear of information about yourself and your personal life that’s completely unrelated and unnecessary for a client or employer to know.
Second, be clear on what your offer or intention is. What specific products and/or services are you offering? In the case of a brick and mortar employment, be clear on what type of job position you are seeking. Include information such as whether or not you intend to work remotely or are looking for work in a specific area (city, state). It’s also important to mention if you are willing to do any traveling or relocate if necessary.
Finally, how can you be reached? Would you prefer a potential client or employer to call you directly via telephone, or would you prefer an email? Maybe you’d like them to go to a specific website, blog, or other type of link. Include these in your video as well.
I realize that making a video can be very intimidating. It certainly has been for me. We often can be our own worst critics.
When my sisters and I were young, some neighbors used to tease us and say we looked like boys. Ah, those lovely pixy haircuts. Growing up, one guy used to tell me how my voice was so raspy he dreaded answering the phone every time I called the home where my friend lived. A classmate of mine said that I bugged my eyes out when talked, and he thought it was creepy. It can be difficult to shut off these voices in our head that remind us of the negativity, but it can be done. Find confidence in what you know makes you worth getting to know AND getting that contract or job and let that confidence shine through.
If you’ve never created a video before, I suggest you play around with recording. No one is going to see them if you don’t want them to, so have fun with it. Practice. Delete. If you have bits and pieces you like from different video recordings, you can always paste different segments together.
Some additional video introduction tips and tricks to think about include lighting, background, sounds, and attire. It’s not just what you say that’s important, but also what can be seen (and heard in the background).
First, think about where you want to be when you shoot your video. Pay attention to the lighting. You may be able to use natural light by being near a window, or have to turn on several lights in order that the room is well lit with no strange shadows.
Also think about your background. Try to find a background that’s very minimal with little distractions. You don’t want anything showing in the background that could be distracting or inappropriate.
When it comes to sound, you want to be heard loud and clear. Speak directly toward the camera (or microphone). Pay attention to any potential background noises. Dogs barking, loud air conditioning/heating, traffic, etc. can all be very distracting and unpleasant.
Lastly, consider your attire. Think of your video introduction similar to a first interview. One rule of thumb I’ve been given is to always dress one step nicer than what would be everyday attire on the job. Also, choose something with solid colors and not too many patterns. Remember the slogan, “Less is more,” when it comes to accessories. Keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum, so there are fewer distractions.
Are you ready to let potential clients or employers get to know you? Create that video and add it to social media sites! If you’d like to share it with us, be sure to include the link in the comments below.
Lights, Camera, Action!!


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