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Because some people still want to communicate with a human being and have their transcriptions produced by a human being, I have yet to be replaced by a computer software program.   Take YouTube’s auto transcript for example – sometimes really funny, sometimes a bit disturbing, rarely comes close to being accurate.

The Story:

Way, way, way back in 1999, I got started in the transcription industry.  as a subcontractor for a transcription firm. I was a subcontracted transcriptionist doing general transcription for a couple of different companies until 2011 when I became a subcontractor for a court reporter transcribing depositions and court proceedings. In 2013, I branched out to begin working with clients directly.

Over the past two decades, I have gained experience in a wide variety of content including, but not limited to, financial, legal, medical, lifestyle, video production, marketing, and computer programming. I’ve transcribed such things as focus groups, financial analyst meetings, government hearings, interviews, court proceedings and depositions, podcasts, and YouTube/Vimeo videos, to name a few. I have my own equipment, and I conduct business in a professional, confidential manner with attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy (99+% accuracy rate).

From time-to-time over the past decade, I’ve been approached by clients asking if I also provide VA services (remote administrative support). It never seemed to be just the right fit until late 2017. Since that time, I’ve learned so many new skills and enjoyed expanding from working about 5 hours a week as an admin. assistant to now working about 15 hours a week as an admin. assistant/project manager, along with continuing to do general transcription work.

I’ve made mistakes along the way and learned some great tips & tricks. I have always found transcription (and VA) work to be very educational, affording me the opportunity to learn about some very interesting topics. It is like being in a classroom every day, always learning, both on the content side with the transcripts themselves (and VA work) as well as on the business side. I have the pleasure of working directly with some very talented people and companies as well, all from my home office. 

Memory Lane:

We’ve come a long way!   The processes for transcription have become simplified and streamlined. In 1999, we had to call in using a landline, punch a bunch of numbers (codes) to record audio into a tape recorder using a special technique to reduce background noise. This “technique” involved placing the tape recorder in a plastic container, wrapping a sock around the transmitter end of the handset, placing the lid over it, and yelling for everyone in the house to be quiet and, unless an absolute emergency, DO NOT pick up another phone within the house! I can remember hearing that infamous “You’ve Got Mail” from AOL that I would repeat in my head, “You’ve got work.” Can you still remember that tone you’d hear with the dial-up Internet? Now only about 60% of homes in the U.S. have a landline!

A Little Personal:

I am located in the Midwest (central time zone) where I live with my husband and youngest son. My eldest son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild live close by. I love photography, watching movies, and reading novels.   Our “family sport” is tennis.

What I enjoy most about having a home-based business is the flexible schedule and being able to work out of the comfort of my own home. Work/life balance can be extra complicated but it’s been worth it.


Public Mentions:

It truly is an honor to be publicly mentioned and highlighted for the work that I do.  It’s also rewarding to be a part of someone’s greater work, such as using the transcripts I’ve done to help write books.  Here are three books I’ve had the honor of being mentioned in:

  • SAP Nation 3.0: Manifest Destiny, by Vinnie Mirchandani (Acknowledgements VIII & page 7-8)

  • PeopleShock: The Path to profits When Customers Rule, by Tema Frank (page 301)

  • Dare to Dream Bigger: The ‘Inside Work’ Handbook for Entrepreneurs and Passionate World-Changers, by Clare Josa (page 315)

More Testimonials [HERE]

Here are a few compliments as well as plugs about the importance of transcripts, in general:

  • Codepen Radio: Mentioned within the podcast Episode #043 with regards to transcription services: “I think that this one that I’ve linked up that we use at Shoptalk kills it. They understand tech … I know that Pham is good at it.”

  • ApplyFilters.fm (Proofed Episode 10 and transcribed Episodes 8, 9, and 11 through to the present.)

    EPISODE 13: Mentioned in the comments section:  Brad: “We hired someone at 25 cents per minute and the quality and communication was poor. Then we hired someone at $1 per minute and as you can see, she has been excellent.”

  • MaggiePatterson.com/blog (Transcribed Episode 16 through Episode 56) 

    EPISODE 51: Mentioned within the podcast:  Maggie Patterson: “Finally, this is a big part of content strategy that’s easy to get overlooked. It’s kind of the systematic part. What is the workflow and the schedule? How do you create content?   What are the steps involved?   Who’s involved? For every single piece of content in my business, we know who touches it when.

    “The perfect example is the podcast. I record the podcast. Lizzie then does the show notes. Then RJ gets the finals. And then Tina, our transcriptionist, gets it. There’s a very clear flow in order of all the steps. Even if you were a show of one, you want to understand all the little pieces along the way.”

    EPISODE 54: Listen to what they say about the importance of transcripts:

    JESSICA:        “Podcasts and video series that don’t have transcripts, a lot of times I skip over those just because sometimes I’d just really rather read it.”

    MAGGIE:        “Okay. I’m so glad you brought this up. I was actually talking to someone about this and how, if I take a training or a course, I can’t watch the videos. It’s literally, like, I don’t have the patience. Also, too, that’s not my learning style.”

    JESSICA:        “Mm-hmm.”

    MAGGIE:        “I literally will read the transcripts.   That’s the only way. If there are no transcripts, I am so done for.”

    JESSICA:        “I’m so with you. Yeah.”

  •  CorbinLinks.com (Transcribed Episodes 5 through 32 and 36)

    EPISODE 12: Mentioned within the podcast: Corbin Links: “Just a few quick housekeeping items this week. First, a shout out to our awesome transcription team over at Pham Transcription Services.  A couple of folks asked me earlier this week about where we get our transcriptions done.   Pham Transcription Services is our go-to team. I’m going to have a link to them in the show notes.” 

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