owl with mouse


$1.25 per audio/video minute
NOTE:  All audio/video files will be rounded to the nearest minute (i.e. 1 to 29 seconds will be rounded down, 30 to 59 seconds will be rounded up).
* Poor audio quality
+ $0.10/minute
(Applies when extra time must be given to discerning what is being said because of excessive background noise, speaker(s) too far away from the microphone, et cetera)
* 5 or more simultaneous speakers
+ $0.10/minute
(Referring to 5 or more speakers randomly speaking with an open microphone, not taking turns, speaking over one another, et cetera)
* Time codes/timestamps: video feed
+$0.20/minute (i.e. $1.35/minute)
(Refers to code/stamp displayed visually in the video feed)
* Time codes/timestamps: audio feed
+ $0.10/minute (i.e. $1.25/minute)
(Applies if more frequent than once every 5 minutes – refers to code/stamp from location in audio file)
* Small audio files
5-minute minimum
(All audio/video files less than or equal to 5 minutes in duration will be billed at 5 minutes.)
* Per assignment/project            
(There will be a minimum fee of $25 per assignment/project.)

Payment: My preferred method of payment is through PayPal. However, other arrangements can be made.

*Rates/fees are subject to change without notice or obligation. Rates/fees listed are only estimates and not guaranteed. Rates/fees are in U.S. dollar denominations.
*All work is transcribed to the best of my ability.   The client assumes all responsibility for any errors/omissions.

 LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION:  Depositions, court proceedings, etc. Contact me for pricing. 
NOTE: I am not certified and the certification would be the responsibility of the contractor/client (you).