Home Office Transcriptionist: Topic Suggestions

Home Office Transcriptionist: Topic Suggestions

  • Getting Hired
  • Finding Clients
  • Foot Pedals
  • Transcription Players
  • File Formats
  • Pricing
  • Timestamps / Time Codes

From time-to-time I get inquiries from people, some just getting started in the transcription business and others who have been in the transcription business but are needing some “coworker” or “coaching” type support. While I’ve created some helpful videos on YouTube, I’ve been considering for a while now to compile what I’ve learned over the past 19 years in this industry into one course or group of courses or perhaps do some in-depth webinars. I’ve gotten some things right and also made some huge mistakes.  These are things I can share with you, but… I’d LOVE to hear what would help YOU in this business as a home office transcriptionist to compile something that is USEFUL and HELPFUL to the transcription community.

What is the one thing that you struggle with the most? What topics would you like to see covered in a course or webinar?

If you are someone who uses transcription services, what additional services do you wish your transcriptionist provided; what skills do you think they could/should improve upon?

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